Salon Secrets Port Macquarie quick price list

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We also provide Eyeliner and Eyebrow tattoos.

Visa, MasterCard, Eftpos or internet payment.  We’ll mail out your Gorgeous Gift Vouchers free of charge for any amount and you receive a ’Welcome Pack’ with great offers with your first visit.

  1. De-stressing treatment facial/body-$98  (this treatment also includes massage to your upper shoulders, décolletage, scalp and feet).  
  2. Lunchtime Lifts (for skin tightening), Ultra Sonic (for a deep cleanse and product infusion),Ultra Calming (for red and sensitized skin), Power Boost (a fabulous Vitamin C pick up)
  3. Skin Refining 3 in 1  Microdermabrasion $85.  
  4. Micro-current face lifting from $99
  5. Light Peels from $70

Massage (buy a package for discounts)

  • Full Body Deep Tissue Hot Stone Massage/Ritual--1.15 hours $133 (proper basalt rocks for a better, deeper massage)
  • Full Body $80/Pregnancy Relaxation massage-1 hr $90 
  • Back, neck and arms 30 mins $60.
  • Full Body Polish  30 mins $60 (a fabulous enzyme OR Sea Salt scrub with hot towels and moisturize-)
  • Body Polish & Massage $120 (Our super fine coconut based body oils are the best available)
  • Back facials $85  (for problematic skin such as pimples or blackheads)

Purple Peel -$235.  Skinstitut- a very effective treatment for acne, fine lines, uneven pigmentation  There is downtime.

Skin Needling. P.O.A. (Dermal Rolling) to rejuvenate and lift by our highly skilled Therapists  No downtime.  Buy a package to qualify for 3 FREE Skinstitut products.

Spray Tan $30. Black Magic™–2-4 hour OR Premium 8 hour, Vibe then wash off.  (no orangey look, streaks or patches and it wears off evenly) 6th Tan FREE!

Waxing (combined services are discounted)

  • 1st Brazilian with us-$62 then $55 for regular visits
  • Brazilian with full legs $94
  • G-String/Hi-rise $36
  • Bikini $26
  • 1/2 leg from above knees to feet $26 You get your own roller for quick, hygienic and efficient hair removal
  • Full legs $44
  • All arms $44
  • Underarms from $24
  • Wax all face & neck $38
  • Wax neck $16
  • Brow restyle $19
  • Brow and lip $27
  • Brow, lip and chin $33
  • Nostrils $16
  • Lip or chin $14
  • All face and neck $38.  Hot/warm wax only for face, underarms or intimate areas.

Tinting – Eyelashes $20  Eyebrows $20

Eyelash Perms/lash lifts-Curls last approx. 12 weeks - $64 (plus $10 for eyelash tint)

Pedicures-(all done in a private room).

  1. Cut and smooth nails $26
  2. Express Pedi-cuticle work, nails trimmed and buffed, feet are creamed followed by nail polish $38
  3. Regular-Cuticle work, nails are trimmed, cleaned and buffed, skin is exfoliated followed by a relaxing hand/arm massage and polish $58.
  4. Detox-$70. We prepare your skin and nails then apply a specialized detoxifying mask to your feet to draw out impurities.

You can upgrade for more intense treatments for your hands such as hydrating paraffin wraps or skin refining peels.


  1. Express Mani-cuticle work, nails trimmed and buffed, hands are creamed and nails polished-$38.
  2. Regular-cuticle work, nails trimmed, cleaned and buffed, hands are exfoliated followed by a relaxing hand/arm massage and polish-$58.

You can upgrade for more intense treatments such as LED or Shellac or Bio Sculpture immediate cure…out the door.


  1. This is a natural fingernail treatment-$64…Fortnightly $45. After your manicure a special paste is worked into your natural nail leaving a brilliant shine without the need of polish  (plus get a FREE Paraffin treatment valued $20)

Artificial Nails (you get New files- never used on everyone else and we don’t use MMA!)

  1.  Designer tip extensions-$86…regular from $68
  2.  Infills  (we refine and rebalance every time) -$58 (incl 1 repair and 2 feature nail designs).
  3.  Bio Sculpture™ Gel Colours. for fingers and toes –  this gel cures instantly-is approved by the Cancer Council as safe and stays perfect for weeks - First time $68.  Regular clients receive a discount plus free removal every time. (valued at $35)
  4. UV/L.E.D gel polish for those in a hurry-$45. Your nails will be tidied before we apply the Gel. 
  5. If you already have L.E.D. cured gel on your nails we can remove and replace it for only-$55.

Piercing (10+yrs accompanied by parent or guardian)

  1. Earlobe-$35
  2. Upper ear-$45
  3. Nose (over 16s)-$45         All piercing prices include antiseptic spray and jewellery

Return as a regular to qualify for fabulous birthday offers when your special day arrives.  We also send our client SMS and email promotional specials.

We use and Retail:

Advanced Natural Skin Care™ -See full pricing index. Discounts for multiple purchases.

Skinstitut® skin care with Syn-Ake (snake) venom $45. Discounts for multiple purchases. Paramedical skin care. Fabulous for breakouts, skin stains and etc. Softens wrinkles and renews skin.

 Pedi Peel $39  each.  The beautiful display box contains the Peel, Socks and after-care cream. It’s an easy, safe and quick way to rid yourself of horrible hard skin on your feet

Black Magic®  $20-29. Home care products help keep your tan looking great

Fibrebrow- $49 fills in the gaps and creates a fabulous look/ FIBRELASH Mascara -$69 includes the Transplant Gel and natural fibres. MEDICI LASH @ BROW GROWTH ACCELERATOR$149. Totally safe and it won’t make black hairs grow on your face.  It’s a good idea to always do your research.  These have NO nasty side-effects.

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