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We don't do the 'flip' thing! We don't use MMA which thins your nail plate.  We use new files.

We don't use a plastic tip and wiggle under your free edge and 'flip' off your old acrylic. That will make your nails thinner and harder for your new the acrylic to stay on.

I've worn Acrylic nails (plus other types) and taught Nail Artistry for over 32 years and my natural nails are perfect underneath. Why acrylics get a bad rap is because clients bite,  force or pull them off when they don't want them anymore. They then blame the product (or the nail tech) for her raggedy nails.

Acrylic nails are designed to adhere (grip) to the natural nail plate.  The ONLY way they should be removed is by gently filing and soaking them off in acetone.  At my Salon Secrets, we drill off most of the old acrylic, then soak in acetone which softens them enough so that the residue can then be safely scraped away.  Unless the client has smashed or broken her nail, the nail plate should look pink with no 'rings of fire'.  That's caused when the Tech files too heavily. Natural nails only need a gentle filing.

We only use EMA definitely NOT the MMA. EFM or Drills are very safe in the right hands and they prevent RSS or RSI for staff but we are experts in their usage. You need to research the poisonous MMA before you visit any nail bar.  There are reasons why they use bigger acrylic brushes and it's not good news for you.

This is what we will do for you:

  1. On your first visit we provide you with new nail files (valued $10) which are kept, sanitized and placed in a new bag ready for your next visit.
  2. Before we touch your hands we give you hand sanitizing gel and we do the same.
  3. We then work on your nails depending on what you need. If the nails you present to us are not up to our high standards we will suggest ways to improve them.  We fill not fill yellowed, cracked or misshapen nails nor do quick touch-ups so please don't ask.
  4. Mould.  When clients see green nails they think it's the same as that found in bathrooms or wet areas.  It is not the same.  All water contains bacteria and if lifts, pockets or cracks in the nail coating are covered over then it can't dry out and so the waste it produces starts out as pale yellow then goes green.  If the nail coating is removed early enough and treated with an anti-bacterial or drying agent then it will return to normal in a few weeks.  If you leave it on, your nail plate will turn DEEP GREEN AND SMELLY BLACK and it's 'goodbye nail' for you.   Do not insist your nail artist cover up this problem because it will continue to worsen and it will be your fault.  Just grin and bear it for a few weeks.
  5. Fungus.   Nail separation (lifting from the nail bed) should always be treated with suspicion.  These sneaky little nail funguses are usually anaerobic which means they don't like oxygen and so if you cover it up, it's in 7th Heaven.  Remove the nail coatingdon't even apply base, clearnothing at alluntil it has gone.  It can take months but is totally worth it to save the shape of your nail.
  6. We check the undersides to make sure your own nail isn't lifting off from the plastic tip or overlay as this will allow water to penetrate. If it is lifting away, we may be able to drill it off and seal it, otherwise we will need to replace the whole thing.
  7. If the acrylic is brittle, yellowed or is unattractive in appearance, we will remove and replace it with a fresh, flexible and hygienic coating.
  8. We don't just stick on a tip, coat it and off you go. We prefer to reshape the tip.  We think a squoval, pointed or round shape is more attractive than the blunt-ended wide tip.  We can still achieve a squared look but more refined. That is why we are slightly dearer than some nail bars because it takes more time to refine.  We are definitely worth it.
  9. You can choose to have any shape, colour or length, but we won't make your white French look blocky. If we sculpt the 'smile line' it will look crisptips already have a built-in smile line.
  10. We can apply nail polish, LED Gel, clear finish high shine gel or just leave it natural.  Your choice.  Just remember that LED cured clear gel top coats make acrylics brittle so sometimes just leave it off after an Infill and oil the acrylic to bring back flexibility.
  11. We wash or cream your hands at the finish and use disposable Easy-Dry hand towels.
  12. We won't make your cuticles bleed all the time!


2 FREE nail art designs valued $10.00 with every appointment. Just ask.

Nail Repairs. OUCH! Did you break your nail into the bed?  We will fix it for you.

Acrylic Nails

$65 for Rebalances (Infills) with Gel Colour on our nail work which includes minor repairs, $78 for tips on your bare nails (includes new files and 2 free designs).  Designer tip extensions-$86

If you're a nail biter, want extra length with built-in strength then this type of nail is for you. We can extend the ends with a sculpting form.  Whatever design you want, from French (white ends and pink backs) to full embedded design (pretty bits in the acrylic) or colours, we can do it OR we can paint them too-you choose!

Bio-Sculpture Gel Nails (We sell the Clip On Gel Removers too)

$62 New clients-with new files supplied-French or colour. We build them so your nails look smooth and gorgeous. $68 for regulars includes Bio removal and nail tidy.

The perfect Gel for shorter nails. We paint on a gel and cure (cook) it under an Ultra Violet light/LED (light emitting diode) These lights are totally safe and are Government approved and tested by independent experts.  Ring Bio Sculpture offices and they'll give you the professional findings. We don't buy cheap, dodgy UV lights that may cause harm.

The Gel dries instantly and can be safely soaked off in 15-20 minutes (no damage to your nail) or you can just grow it out. You can even cut them. It won't chip, smudge or wear off at the ends. It's absolutely fabulous.

Evo2/Shellac/Artistic/Colour me Pretty Gel Nail Colours.

$35 on bare nails that are ready to go but if we have to attend to your cuticles etc then that will be extra.

Call us NOW to book in for your FREE consultation and we'll explain in detail what we think would suit you.

It's all about the balance.

French nails the pinks and whites.

2/3 pink 1/3 white with a deep grin line the perfect eye-catching balance.

A few testimonials from our great clients:

"Your artificial nails look so natural"

Jess 2016

" Thanks to Salon Secrets for your very informative and helpful website that had led us to call in and for your wonderful product Vitamin Dose (Bio sculpture)-exactly what my daughter needed for her chewed nails and anxiety problem.  Appreciate your very professional approach. Definitely will be back for your other services. Great job!" 

Cassie D.  (What a great rap).

"..Judy is willing to go that "extra mile" for her cients. I wouldn't go anywhere else".

Gayleen B.

"..I just wanted to say how happy I am with my newly transformed nails.  They look beautiful.  I don't think you'll ever forget me and the state my poor nails were in. Thanks again". 

Rachel S.


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