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Massage...a completely healthy and natural painkiller.

Hot and Cold Stone Massage 

We soak your feet in cleansing waters and then massage your whole face and body (not just your back) with smooth authentic hot and cold basalt rocks. We have learnt our routine from an expert in the field.  Every placement matters.

Body Buff and massage 

We will gently scrub away dry flaky skin and then massage away your aches, pains and stress. We guarantee you'll love it!  We can use a salt scrub or an enzyme peel depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

Body Buff and Moisturize 

If your skin looks and feels dry and lacklustre and you just want to freshen up your skin then this is for you.

Relaxation Massage - 30 mins, 1 Hr and 90 mins.  (Pre-Pay and get huge discounts)   Pregnancy Massage - (not the first trimester)

Foot soak, face and scalp massage are included. We can also work out those painful knots. Please let us know if you want extra time before we begin your massage.

Lymphatic Drainage 

This is a gentle whole body treatment that relaxes the nervous system and aids the body's immune system. It is highly recommended for those prone to and recovering from sore throats, colds, infections, on-going tiredness, excess fluids, low immunity, swollen nodes and also for the physically inactive.

Foot & Leg Buff and Massage with a Thai Twist - 30 mins 

We exfoliate both fet and legs to upper thigh followed by a fabulous and firm massage 

Indian Head, Back & Shoulder Massage - 45 mins 

No need to undress as it's done in a sitting position. Fantastic for relaxing your tight scalp and reducing stress

Detox & Deep Cleanse Chest OR Back - 60 mins 

It's like a facial for your body.


If you haven't tried a Body Polish (Scrub or Buff) you won't know what you are missing.

Enzyme body polishes are a gentle and thorough way of removing old and dried-out surface skin.

Sea Salts and coarser scrubs are for those people who want to feel a bit more oomph-especially men as their skins are thicker.

After the polishing or scrub treatment we use soft, hot towels to remove every speck of old and flaky skin followed by a soothing body cream.

To make a more luxurious and relaxing event, book in for a massage at the same time.

We use the super refined Advanced Natural Skin Care blended coconut oils to relax, rejuvenate, detoxify or tone which aren't sticky or greasy and don't contain peanut oils. Or you can try our divine Heritage Healers blended oils.


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