Cosmetic Tattoo Prices

Tattoo Consultation

Duration 30 Mins-1st consultation FREE

We spend a lot of time making sure you get what you want.

Tattoo Lipline

Duration 1 Hour - $495

Eyebrow Tattoo

Duration 1 Hour - $495

Eyebrow Tattoo-Partial

Duration 1 Hour - $350

Tattoo Eyeline-Upper/Within

Duration 1 Hour - $495

Tattoo Eyeline-Lower

Duration 1 Hour - $495

Tattoo Lip Line

Duration 1 Hour - $495

Tattoo Lip Blend Add On

Duration 60 mins - $200


2/5A Clifton Drive



Located in a shopping centre, we are 5 minutes from the Airport (Hastings River Drive) or CBD. Parking is directly out front of the shopping centre.

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