Light to Deep Facial Peels

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Regular facial therapies, though deliciously pampering, can only do so much.  Sometimes we have to bring in the big guns and this is where Peels hold their own.  Please speak to our staff to see what these types of peels can do for you.

Purple Peel - pH 1.7 (This Deep peel has downtime)

If your skin is extremely fragile or the barrier is impaired then we do not recommend this treatment.  When your skin is in good health then we will re-examine your options.

This is a cosmedical grade intensive skin peeling system designed to accelerate skin regeneration and resurfacing. You must prep your skin 2 weeks prior to having this treatment to make sure you have no allergic reactions to product used.  If you are unsure of what products you need to use please phone Salon Secrets on 026584 0262 or contact us.

Ageless Peel pH 3.1.

A chirally correct, medical grade anabolic restructuring treatment containing potent antioxidant and amino acid complex to target visible signs of ageing and sun damage. This revolutionary peel works on a dermal level to encourage normalized cell production resulting in a revitalized, smoother and more even complexion.

You will need to PREP your skin with our Skinstitut products such as Glycolic, Even Blend Serum and Retinol for 2 weeks prior before you can have this treatment. This minimizes the chance of an adverse reaction.

Peel Accelerator pH 3.

All skin types. Chirally correct vitamin and L-Lactic, L-Glycolic and L-Mandelic Acid peel to renew, brighten and smooth the skin. 42% Alpha and Aromatic Hydroxy Acid base with a pH of 3.0.  There is no need to prep to have this treatment.


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