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Why you should have a facial.

It's hard to know what treatment you should book in to have to bring about the best results for you and that's why we recommend coming in for a consultation to discuss what you want and need.   We can then make suggestions and plans to help you achieve your goal.

We have many options which can be confusing so let us help you with your selection.

Facials aren't to make you young again...that's impossible, but 'facials' can do many things for you.

  1. If you are feeling run-down, exhausted and lack-lustre, then a relaxing face and body treatment such as our De-stress face/body treatment is what you need.  Your face, neck and décolletage (fancy name for your upper chest) will be double cleansed, exfoliated to remove dried out and flaky skin then lotioned to complete the cleansing process followed by a most fabulous massage including your hands, arms, feet and legs, and masks with all types of lovely things applied during the process.
  2. We use only the best products that actually do wonders for your skin.  We do not use cheap rubbish. 
  3. Massaging the facial muscles will relax them and if done regularly will reduce wrinkle depth.
  4. Hydrating Gels, homeopathically prepared serums and masks work not just on the skin's surface but deeper.

If you have minimal time to spare then book in for a light Peel such as our AHA Peel, a Microdermabrasion session or Ultra sonic deep cleanse.

We also provide very but Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments for Pigmentation, Rejuvenation, Spider Veins, Acne and Rosacea. Refer to these sections for more info.

Men need these treatments too and our consultations are completely private and confidential.

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