IPL (Laser light) SHR for Permanent Hair Reduction

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Hair removal is a vague term that has recently been defined. Temporary hair reduction is defined as a delay in hair growth, which usually lasts 1-3 months, consistent with the induction of telogen. Permanent hair reduction refers to a significant reduction in the number of terminal hairs after a given treatment, which is stable for a period of time longer than the complete growth cycle of hair follicles at the given body site. It has recently been suggested to add another 6 months to this posttreatment observation time (ie, the time necessary for a damaged follicle to recover from the IPL/laser treatment and re-enter a normal growth cycle).

A distinction needs to be made between permanent and complete hair loss. Complete hair loss refers to a lack of regrowing hairs (ie, a significant reduction in the number of regrowing hairs to zero). Complete hair loss may be either temporary or permanent. Laser/IPL treatment usually produces complete but temporary hair loss for 1-3 months, followed by partial but permanent hair loss. Histological observations show damage predominantly in hair follicles with large, pigmented shafts, while hair follicles with small (< 25 mm), hypopigmented shafts do not demonstrate any morphological change.

Immediately after laser/IPL treatment, the hair shaft shows fragmentation with focal rupture into the follicular epithelium and thermal damage to the surrounding follicular epithelium. The extent of thermal damage is dependent on the pulse width but retains confinement on the spatial scale of the follicle itself. One month later, most follicles are in telogen phase while others are being replaced by fibrosis and a foreign body giant cell reaction with phagocytosis of melanin. At 1 year, most follicles are replaced by miniaturized hair follicles (dominant mechanism), and some are replaced by a fibrotic remnant. Both of these histological findings produce permanent clinical reduction in hair.

What we are really saying?

You can wax your face and body with the knowledge that hair will always return exactly as it was prior to the waxing service. On certain areas removal is downright painful and the regrowth can be bristly, unsightly and uncomfortable. As we age the skin becomes more fragile so we may not be able to continue waxing delicate areas which might lead you to having to continually shave.

With our GenLux SHR (super fast hair removal) IPL equipment we can painlessly reduce most hairs but no white hairs. The best time to have this treatment is while you still have colour in your hair because we can't zap white hairs no matter what anyone says. There must be some colour in the follicle so the Intense Pulsed Light can damage and shrink the hair root. Don't worry if you have a lot of 'grey'. There is no such thing as grey hair. What you are seeing is dark hair mixed with white which makes it look grey. We can still zap the darker hairs.

You need to have more than one treatment as hairs have a 3 phase cycle, anagen, telogen and catagen. We also have to factor in that you may have plucked or waxed out some hairs and until the hair has regrown a root then it can't be treated with the Intense Pulsed Light. So that is why you must have a number of treatments and this will be determined on your hair growth patterns. Everyone is different so don't base your decision on what an acquaintance experienced.

So...either continually wax off your excess unwanted hair or invest in Intense Pulsed Light treatments that will make a huge improvement to how you want to look.

E-Light with Radio Frequency can treat Blonde or Red hairs on Skin Types 1-3.

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