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Guaranteed not to go orange or it's free C/A.  6th tan free unless you buy a package

Well, unless you've had your head in the sand you would know that Australia and New Zealand have very high rates of skin cancers due to the thin ozone layer.  You have to build up a tan from sunlight which means that you not only become tanned, but aged as well...  but when you get a spray tan... it's instant glamour!  And you won't suffer down the track from disfiguring skin cancers and spotty bits.

How to keep your tan looking good for longer?

We've got great Before and Aftercare products from Black Magic. The Mitt, used on wet skin in the shower, evens out old tans. The Xfoliate Gel (we adore this) is used on dry skin. Smooth it on and rub-and the more you rub the more old dried-up yucky old skin rolls off. Then just step into your shower and clean it off with our Wash.  After we spray tan you we can then lock in your tan with our Black Magic Tan Lock . This doesn't have colour, but makes your tan last longer without having to use cream which is great for sweaty skins.  But if you do want to build on the colour then use our Black Magic Xtend two days afterwards. You'll look gorgeous!

  • Sweat will make your tan run until you get a chance to rinse off the bronzer.  It keeps developing for a further 24 hours.
  • Shave or wax the day before your tan (yotherwise ou might get a rash from broken skin).
  • Wash and condition your hair before your tan, be sure to remove all your conditioner from down your back as the oils will stop your tan from penetrating OR, wait 12 hours then shampoo.
  • Breasts, thighs and armpits that rub against other skin can make you sweat your tan off these areas. Wear loose pants and a t-shirt until you get a chance to rinse off the bronzer.
  • Don't sit until your first rinse under the shower. Sitting for lengthy periods can make your legs or back sweat and you'll lose your tan in those areas.
  • Rain will wash it off. One spot of rain will create a white spot on you.
  • Always pat your skin dry, don't rub it.
  • Refer to your home-care leaflets.
  • Cuddling your baby (or anyone else for that matter) before you've had a chance to rinse off the excess bronzer, will give them brown patches.
  • Keep off hot drinks that make you sweat. Give the Tan a chance to work.

Please don't ask the technician to keep on spraying over and over again as it's only the bronzer you are seeing and it will run!  Too much spray will turn you orange or you will go blotchy.  The DHA tanning ingredient is invisible so what you see is the bronzer which allows us to see where we are going when spraying you. It has no effect on the actual colour you end up with. That depends on the colour you choose, your natural skin colour and the quality of tan plus the operator's expertise.

Only use the Before and After care products recommended by us.  Some generic gels actually dissolve your tan.

`Black Magic' is a fabulous product. We have 2 hour Regular or Dark or the Premium for 8 hours (Plus Vibe) if you can't get home to rinse off the bronzer in time. Try a different tone each time until you find the one you love.


(you must show us the colour the following day)

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