Salon Secrets Port Macquarie Terms and Conditions

This is our 'housekeeping' page.


If your treatment will take longer than 20 minutes then in consideration of staff and other clients, please arrange to have your precious little ones cared for at home.

Confirmation Booking Fee.

If you are new to our Salon (hello and welcome), and you are booking in for a service that will take over a half hour plus, then we will ask that you either drop in a deposit or provide us with your credit card details as confirmation.  Charges may apply if we are not given 24 hours notice of cancellation.  Sometimes life puts speed bumps in the road and so we appreciate it when you give us notice that you won't be coming in.

Gift Vouchers.

Regular Gift Vouchers have a 3 year expiry date from date of purchase excepting Special promotional Gift Vouchers which must be redeemed within the time frame as noted on the Voucher.  Some salons have a 'no expiration' clause, but we consider that you need to make time for yourself to enjoy what your loved one or special friend has given you.  You'll most likely forget about it after 12 months so we recommend that you book in for your treatment as soon as you receive your Gift Voucher and that way it's not forgotten.

First Visit.

New clients are asked to please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment if having facials or body treatments. That way all forms are completed without cutting into your treatment time.

Mobile phones.

When in our salon, we kindly ask that your mobile 'phone be switched off or to Silent mode in consideration of other clients.

Hygiene, Health and Safety. 

We use eco-friendly disposable towels for our treatments from Easy Dry.  All files for manicures or pedicures are discarded after use.  Sanitizing gels are used before and after all hand and nail treatments.

Running late.

We all run late at one time or other, but please if you are going to be more than 5 minutes late, call us so we know you're Okay.  After 10 minutes on from your appointed time, and if you haven't contacted us by 'phone to let us know the situation, we will call our Cancellation list.


We have Credit card facilities and take Visa and MasterCard.  We accept Cash but no cheques, Diners or Amex etc.  ATMs are next door.


There are no parking meters and you can park for about 2 hours out front or longer if you go around the corner.


As per Consumer Affairs we will only refund your product if found defective.  You will not be given a refund simply because you changed your mind or you purchased for someone else and they didn't want it.  If you are unhappy with the product then please return it within 7 days with proof of purchase from our Salon.  You will need to sign a form from the product's company stating the problem.  If you consider you had an allergic reaction to something, then we will need to take photographic evidence and submit a form to the product's company for action.

Unhappy with our service.

We will, of course, be most upset but if you didn't get what you thought you should get, please let us know within 7 days. Spray Tanners must come in the day after their tan if they aren't happy with the result.

Well that's about it. I hope I didn't scare you off from having treatments with us.  Most of our clients are delighted with our service and products.

We hope to hear from you soon,



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Located in a shopping centre, we are 5 minutes from the Airport (Hastings River Drive) or CBD. Parking is directly out front of the shopping centre.

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