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We are quick, hygienic and very thorough.

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What is a Brazilian? There are so many opinions on what constitutes a 'Brazilian' and every Salon will have a different view and that is why the charges differ. We ONLY USE hot wax as we consider strip wax to be more painful. You shouldn't walk out having had skin ripped off and be in pain.

What happens when you come in?

  • New, disposable sheets cover your treatment bed.  No one else will have been lying on it.
  • New spatulas for the hot wax which are discarded after each use.
  • Your skin will be cleansed to remove bacteria before we apply the wax.
  • You get your own strip wax roller cartridge.(for waxing other than intimate) (Definitely NOT used by anyone else).
  • We provide cleansing and refreshing wipes when you have intimate waxing.
  • Our Brazilian and XXX services are discreet and you will not be left with torn or red skin.
  • Your skin will be oiled, creamed and soothed before you leave.

Why bother doing it yourself?

  • Are you into pain?  If you don't rip in the right direction, and quickly, you'll break off the hairs (and skin-ouch!).
  • Contortionist?  Maybe you can get the wax on, but can you get it off? It's harder than you think.
  • Do you like cleaning up the sticky mess you've left behind?
  • How about the time it takes melting it down?  Ours are ready to go.

Let the experts do it at Salon Secrets Port Macquarie Beauty Salon

Waxing away hair is the quickest, most efficient and cost effective way of removing large amounts of hair at one time. When the hair is removed properly the whole hair shaft and bulb is removed too and so a completely new hair has to regenerate which takes time. And, the end is soft and tapered.

Pimples and ingrown hairs where you don't want them to be?  That's because new hair growth has a fine, tapered end which doesn't have the strength to push its way to the surface so it grows back down and around. If there are more than a few reddish looking bumps then perhaps you've got folliculitis-an infection of the follicle which needs a visit to the Doctors. We retail excellent medi-pastes and lotions to help those hairs rise to the surface again.

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Located in a shopping centre, we are 5 minutes from the Airport (Hastings River Drive) or CBD. Parking is directly out front of the shopping centre.

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