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What we need to do, constantly, is to gently remove old dried skin with enzyme exfoliators, microdermabrasion, Retinols or Peels.  Now Retinoic Acid is usually a prescription med and one has to be super careful when using it.  Most Salons sell Retinol in a gentler formulation, but you still have to be careful not to overdo it. Apply it just before bed and start off once per week, then twice per week leading up to 3 times per week. Your skin has to get used to it or you will get flakes and redness.   ALWAYS wear SPF when exposed to sunlight... a good quality one... not cheap and nasty.  Remember  you must replace it every 6 months or when the bottle/tube's empty and if you keep it in the car where the temperatures are scorching, then you will kill the effectiveness of the sun block.

I will state that the Advanced Natural SPF is one of the nicest ones I've ever tried and I don't say it because I sell it.  I give it to my precious grandchildren and family because I believe in it.  And it smells yummy and isn't greasy.

A lot of the products we use on the face can also be used on our body too, so experiment.

Advanced Natural Skin Care-Australian Made.

I've stocked it for over 18 years and even though I'm bombarded with zillions of other lines, I just can't give them up.  You see I've never had a problem with In Salon treatments and we can treat every skin type that we meet with fabulous results.

It's also against animal testing and contains no harmful products and the people I deal with are wonderful. I adore it.  When we massage client's faces and treat their bodies we use the finest massages cream and gels, not just any old cream that we hot compress off at the end of the message session. Their creams and gels are actually treating the skin condition as we massage.  We then apply healing homeopathic serums and hydrating gels under the masks to make the treatments even more beneficial.  No-one has left our salon with beetroot skin. They all look cool and refreshed.

Time poor?

IPL, Ultra Sonic Cleansing, Trinity Microdermabrasion or Lunchtime Lift is for you. I know I want to be cloned so I can get more out of my 24 hour day.  You don't have to get undressed and it only takes 30 minutes. When I'm feeling yukky (and at my age isn't that all the time :))  I have an Ultra Sonic Cleanse or a Microdermabrasion service.  My skin feels fresh and youthful (thank you ladies).  When we've got a special event looming you don't want to break out so these are perfect. The more the merrier and you also get discounts when you book and pay for  a series.

Bringing out the big guns! 

We love providing the Derma Rolling (micro-needling / Fractional-Mesotherapy) because the results are proven.   We use a great numbing cream which we apply for about 1/2 hour before we start and when we do start we don't muck around yakking while the numbing effect wears off.  We get stuck into it so you have a good painfree experience.  Our numbing compounds are always up to date too.  I went elsewhere once (foolish lil ole me) and I almost went into shock because they 'rolled' me having used out-of-date numbing cream.  Lucky I'm tough!  So.  Now you know.  Come to us.  We have ladies who are very willing to talk to you about their experiences.  Love it! Love it!

Our Deep Peels are safe. We use the Skinstitut's Purple Peel or lighter Peels.

If ever you are considering having a Peel please remember that you must PREP your skin at least 2 weeks prior to the treatment.  No PREP no Peel! It's too late finding out that you are allergic to a product when you are on the bed!  You will receive FREE full-sized skin care products when having a peel or a skin needling service. Don't be fooled into thinking that all needling or peel treatments are the same.  They are not. We know skin.

Yes... Forms of Consent and Release must be completed.  Remember, for any peeling treatments the skin must be prepped for at least 2 weeks prior.  No Prep, No Peel is Skinstitut's and our Motto.


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